Significance of Astrology

Since immemorial time, people have looked to the stars for guidance and mental peace. With or without human knowledge, astrology has been around for time immemorial. People often studied the behavior of celestial bodies and their effects on the human body and their activities for scientific purposes. Still, their significance in the spiritual field has slowly caused their increase in popularity.

Over the past years, the interest in astrology and its impact on one’s life has grown dramatically. The sudden surge of popularity in the field is all over the internet, to check their daily horoscope, romantic compatibility, career guidance, etc. These are just the tip of the iceberg, and more to astrology has intrigued people over the years. Some of the significance of the field that has caused this drastic drift in popularity is mentioned in this article.

The stress and uncertainty induced anxiety.

Uncertainty about the future has often kept people in the dark, especially in this material-based, fast-moving world. Astrology will help bring clarity and guidance into life, especially mental peace, and hope during uncertain times. Although astrology might not provide exact or definite answers to questions, they still provide a direction to their unambiguity and hope for the future, which will give people control over their situation.



Gone are the days when astrology was just related to religious practices. Now, finding oneself and performing spiritual practices is also a great practice. Generally, people facing low self-awareness endorse astrological beliefs as they help them in self-confidence and self-discovery.

Moreover, since it increases the certainty of one’s personal attributes, it provides a clear perspective on an individual’s life and helps self-development and discovery.

Increased exposure

The popularity of astrology in recent times is not just limited to cultural countries like India but has also gained wide popularity in pop culture. For instance, we have seen Lady Gaga planning her tour dates around the auspicious days in the astrological alignment and Beyonce creating songs as an ode to these Astro signs.

Astrology in the modern world

The growth and popularity of the astrological field have gained so much impact in recent times that many universities are introducing it as a subject of study to help people pursue advanced degrees in her field. Contemporary astrological practices have been associated with modern systems to read horoscopes based on celestial planets’ placement.

Although Gen Z is believed to be purely logical and highly practical, the rise of uncertainty and stress has drifted their focus to believing in such spiritual practices. Some of the reasons for their obsessions with astrology are because:

  • It is highly personalized
  • It is a good meme factor
  • It’s comforting and gives positive affirmations
  • It provides a theoretical solution
  • It is an in-demand spiritual practice