Basic Tarot Card Spreads for Beginners

Three-Card Spread:

A three-card spread is one of the most straightforward tarot cards spreads for a beginner. Because three cards are involved, it also provides sufficient information to answer your question. Three card spread is an excellent option if your question is related to timing. First, shuffle your deck well and draw cards in the face-down position. Place the cards one by one from left to right in front of you. The first card you pulled out, which is sitting on the left position, represents the Past. The second card, one in the middle, represents the Present. The third card, which is on the right part of the spread, represents the Future. It is important to note that what the Future card reveals is not a premonition set in stone. However, it indicates where you are headed based on your present habits and actions. Alternatively, a three-card spread can also reveal the Blessings-Challenges-Action or Situation-Action-Outcome. Sometimes, the cards pulled out may not provide much insight. In such situations, it is necessary to pull out clarifying cards to get additional information.

Five-Card Spread:

Five-card spread is a great way to gain more information and clarity on a particular situation. This tarot spread is most commonly used to gain insight into a person’s Love life. The Five-card spread has three cards on the top and two on the bottom row. To prepare a five-card spread, shuffle your deck thoroughly and pull each card one by one, face down. The first card pulled out is placed on the top row in the left position, representing you. The second card is placed next to the first card to its right, which is the middle card on the top row. The second card represents your partner or their point of view. The third card should be placed on the top row on the right side, representing your potential in the relationship. The fourth card pulled out to belong to the second row, in the left position. This card gives you any advice to realize your relationship potential. The fifth card is to be placed in the right part of the second row, and it provides insight into the outcome of the relationship. It is crucial to not take the final card as the verdict and avoid taking action based on this information. Instead, let the future unfurl on its own.

Celtic Cross Spread:

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross spread may look complicated, but a beginner can quickly learn to do it with enough practice. Think about a question before you shuffle and draw out your cards. After shuffling, start drawing out cards one by one. A Celtic cross spread contains ten tarot cards in total, and any additional information can be obtained through clarifying cards. The position of the first card is in the very middle, representing the present state of affairs. The second card should be placed horizontally over the first card in the middle, forming a cross. This represents the challenge in the situation. The position of the third card is to the left of the crossed cards and describes the past events still affecting the problem. The fourth card is placed to the right of the crossed cards and gives insight into the future. After this, pull out the fifth card and place it above the crossed cards. The fifth card indicates the aim, focus, or desired outcome. The sixth card pulled out represents the subconscious mind and is placed below the crossed cards. The following four cards are placed in order, from bottom to top on the row to the right. The seventh card represents the advice, the eighth indicates external influences affecting the situation, the ninth card represents hopes, wishes, and fears, and the final card shows you the situation’s outcome.